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    Diethyl iminodiacetate,CAS No. 6290-05-7.
    Diethyl iminodiacetate Cat No.: EBD36932
    CAS No.: 6290-05-7 Formula: C8H15NO4Molecular Weight: 189.21
    Synonyms: 2-ethoxy-N-(2-ethoxy-2-oxoethyl)-2-oxoethanaminium
    Glycine N-(2-ethoxy-2-oxo-ethyl)ethyl ester
    2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid,CAS No. 2941-78-8.
    2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid Cat No.: EBD2223735
    CAS No.: 2941-78-8 Formula: C8H9NO2Molecular Weight: 151.16
    Synonyms: 2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid
    5-Methylanthranilic acid
    2-Bromo-5-methylbenzoic acid,CAS No. 6967-82-4.
    CAS No.: 6967-82-4 Formula: C8H7BrO2Molecular Weight: 215.04
    Synonyms: 2-bromo-5-methylbenzoic acid
    Benzoic acid, 2-bromo-5-methyl-
    4-Methyl-3-nitrobenzoic acid,CAS No. 96-98-0.
    CAS No.: 96-98-0 Formula: C8H7NO4Molecular Weight: 181.15
    Synonyms: 3-Nitro-p-toluic acid
    3-nitro-4-methyl benzoic acid
    4-Iodoaniline,CAS No. 540-37-4.
    4-Iodoaniline Cat No.: EBD31442
    CAS No.: 540-37-4 Formula: C6H6INMolecular Weight: 219.02
    Synonyms: 4-Indo Aniline
    2-Iodoanisole,CAS No. 529-28-2.
    2-Iodoanisole Cat No.: EBD27209
    CAS No.: 529-28-2 Formula: C7H7IOMolecular Weight: 234.03
    1-Bromonaphthalen-2-ol,CAS No. 573-97-7.
    1-Bromonaphthalen-2-ol Cat No.: EBD54093
    CAS No.: 573-97-7 Formula: C10H7BrOMolecular Weight: 223.07
    Synonyms: 1-Bromonaphthalen-2-ol
    1-Methoxynaphthalene,CAS No. 2216-69-5.
    1-Methoxynaphthalene Cat No.: EBD2222801
    CAS No.: 2216-69-5 Formula: C11H10OMolecular Weight: 158.2
    Synonyms: 1-methoxy-naphthalen
    1-naphthol methyl ether
    5-Bromo-2-chloropyridine,CAS No. 53939-30-3.
    5-Bromo-2-chloropyridine Cat No.: EBD472320
    CAS No.: 53939-30-3 Formula: C5H3BrClNMolecular Weight: 192.44
    Synonyms: 2-Chloro-5-Bromopyridine
    1-Bromo-2-methoxybenzene,CAS No. 578-57-4.
    1-Bromo-2-methoxybenzene Cat No.: EBD33483
    CAS No.: 578-57-4 Formula: C7H7BrOMolecular Weight: 187.03
    Synonyms: o-bromoanisole
    3-Iodoaniline,CAS No. 626-01-7.
    3-Iodoaniline Cat No.: EBD3113
    CAS No.: 626-01-7 Formula: C6H6INMolecular Weight: 219.02
    Synonyms: m-Iodoaniline
    1-Iodonaphthalene,CAS No. 90-14-2.
    1-Iodonaphthalene Cat No.: EBD45438
    CAS No.: 90-14-2 Formula: C10H7IMolecular Weight: 254.07
    Synonyms: 1-iodo-naphthalen
    2-Amino-5-bromo-3-methylpyridine,CAS No. 3430-21-5.
    CAS No.: 3430-21-5 Formula: C6H7BrN2Molecular Weight: 187.04
    Synonyms: 2-Amino-5-bromo-3-picoline
    1-Chloro-2-iodobenzene,CAS No. 615-41-8.
    1-Chloro-2-iodobenzene Cat No.: EBD52034
    CAS No.: 615-41-8 Formula: C6H4ClIMolecular Weight: 238.45
    Synonyms: o-chlroiodobenzene
    2-Acetyl-5-bromothiophene,CAS No. 5370-25-2.
    2-Acetyl-5-bromothiophene Cat No.: EBD54898
    CAS No.: 5370-25-2 Formula: C6H5BrOSMolecular Weight: 205.07
    Synonyms: 2-Acetyl-5-bromothiophene
    3-thiophenecarbonitrile,CAS No. 1641-09-4.
    3-thiophenecarbonitrile Cat No.: EBD955479
    CAS No.: 1641-09-4 Formula: C5H3NSMolecular Weight: 109.15
    Synonyms: 3-thiophenecarbonitrile
    6-Aminobenzothiazole,CAS No. 533-30-2.
    6-Aminobenzothiazole Cat No.: EBD21760
    CAS No.: 533-30-2 Formula: C7H6N2SMolecular Weight: 150.2
    Synonyms: 4-27-00-04884 (Beilstein Handbook Reference)
    6-Nitrobenzothiazole,CAS No. 2942-06-5.
    6-Nitrobenzothiazole Cat No.: EBD51338
    CAS No.: 2942-06-5 Formula: C7H4N2O2SMolecular Weight: 180.18
    Synonyms: 6-Nitrobenzothiazole
    Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid,CAS No. 1460-16-8.
    Cycloheptanecarboxylic acid Cat No.: EBD2220035
    CAS No.: 1460-16-8 Formula: C8H14O2Molecular Weight: 142.2
    Synonyms: cycloheptanecarboxylic acid
    Cycloheptane-carboxylic acid
    2,4-Dihydroxypyrimidine-5-carboxylic acid,CAS No. 23945-44-0.
    CAS No.: 23945-44-0 Formula: C5H4N2O4Molecular Weight: 156.1
    Synonyms: 2,4-Dihydroxypyrimidine-5-carboxylic acid
    Uracil 5-carboxylic acid Hydrate
    4-Benzyloxybromobenzene,CAS No. 6793-92-6.
    4-Benzyloxybromobenzene Cat No.: EBD35150
    CAS No.: 6793-92-6 Formula: C13H11BrOMolecular Weight: 263.13
    Synonyms: Benzyloxybromobenzene
    1-Bromo-3,5-dichlorobenzene,CAS No. 19752-55-7.
    CAS No.: 19752-55-7 Formula: C6H3BrCl2Molecular Weight: 225.9
    Synonyms: 3,5-Dichlorobromobenzene
    5-Bromo-2-methylpyridine,CAS No. 3430-13-5.
    5-Bromo-2-methylpyridine Cat No.: EBD348657
    CAS No.: 3430-13-5 Formula: C6H6BrNMolecular Weight: 172.02
    Synonyms: 5-bromo-2-methylpyridine
    4-Fluorophenylacetic acid,CAS No. 405-50-5.
    4-Fluorophenylacetic acid Cat No.: EBD568255
    CAS No.: 405-50-5 Formula: C8H7FO2Molecular Weight: 154.14
    Synonyms: p-Fluorophenylacetic acid
    Acetic acid, (p-fluorophenyl)-
    3,5-Di(trifluoromethyl)aniline,CAS No. 328-74-5.
    CAS No.: 328-74-5 Formula: C8H5F6NMolecular Weight: 229.12
    Synonyms: alpha,alpha,alpha,alpha,alpha,alpha-Hexafluoro-3,5-xylidine