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    3-Chlorothiophene-2-carbonyl chloride,CAS No. 86427-02-3.
    CAS No.: 86427-02-3 Formula: C5H7Cl2OSMolecular Weight: 186.08
    Synonyms: 2-Thiophenecarbonyl chloride, 3-chloro-
    timtec-bb sbb005473
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    Methyl 4-(chloroformyl)butyrate,CAS No. 1501-26-4.
    CAS No.: 1501-26-4 Formula: C6H9ClO3Molecular Weight: 164.59
    Synonyms: methyl 5-chloro-5-oxovalerate
    glutaric acid monomethyl ester chloride
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    3-Bromopropionyl chloride,CAS No. 15486-96-1.
    CAS No.: 15486-96-1 Formula: C3H4BrClOMolecular Weight: 171.42
    Synonyms: Propanoyl chloride, 3-bromo-
    3-bromopropanoyl chloride
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    4-Chlorophenyl Chloroformate,CAS No. 7693-45-0.
    CAS No.: 7693-45-0 Formula: C7H4Cl2O2Molecular Weight: 191.01
    Synonyms: 4-Chlorophenyl Chloroformate
    4-chlorophenyl chloroformate
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    Stearyl chloroformate,CAS No. 51637-93-5.
    Stearyl chloroformate Cat No.: EBD749
    CAS No.: 51637-93-5 Formula: C19H37ClO2Molecular Weight: 332.95
    Synonyms: Octadecyl chloroformate
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    Undecanoyl chloride,CAS No. 17746-05-3.
    Undecanoyl chloride Cat No.: EBD918
    CAS No.: 17746-05-3 Formula: C11H21ClOMolecular Weight: 204.74
    Synonyms: undecanoyl chloride
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    4-Bromobenzoyl chloride,CAS No. 586-75-4.
    4-Bromobenzoyl chloride Cat No.: EBD1125
    CAS No.: 586-75-4 Formula: C7H4BrClOMolecular Weight: 219.46
    Synonyms: 4-Bromobenzoyl chloride
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    N-(p-Tosyl)-L-phenylalaninyl chloride,CAS No. 29739-88-6.
    CAS No.: 29739-88-6 Formula: C16H16ClNO3SMolecular Weight: 337.82
    Synonyms: (S)-(+)-(p-Tolylsulfonylamino)hydrocinnamoyl chloride
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    2 - Chloro - 3,6 - difluorobenzoyl chloride,CAS No. 261762-42-9.
    CAS No.: 261762-42-9 Formula: C7H2Cl2F2OMolecular Weight: 210.99
    Synonyms: 2-Chloro-3,6-difluoro-benzoyl chloride
    benzoyl chloride, 2-chloro-3,6-difluoro-
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    Cyclopropanecarboxylic acid chloride,CAS No. 4023-34-1.
    CAS No.: 4023-34-1 Formula: C4H5ClOMolecular Weight: 104.53
    Synonyms: Cyclopropyl Carbonyl Chloride
    Cyclopropyl Carbonyl Chloride
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    1 - Chloro - 2 - methylpropyl chloroformate,CAS No. 92600-11-8.
    CAS No.: 92600-11-8 Formula: C5H8Cl2O2Molecular Weight: 171.02
    Synonyms: 1-chloro-2-methylpropyl chloroformate
    oxalyl chloride, 2.0m solution in dichlo romethane
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    Pentadecafluorooctanoyl chloride,CAS No. 335-64-8.
    CAS No.: 335-64-8 Formula: C8ClF15OMolecular Weight: 432.51
    Synonyms: Perfluorooctanoyl chloride
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    2-(3,5-Difluorophenyl)ethanoyl chloride,CAS No. 157033-24-4.
    CAS No.: 157033-24-4 Formula: C8H5ClF2OMolecular Weight: 190.57
    Synonyms: buttpark 9611-33
    3,5-difluorophenylacetyl chloride
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    1,3 - Dimethyl - 1H - pyrazole - 5 - carbonyl chloride,CAS No. 55458-67-8.
    CAS No.: 55458-67-8 Formula: C6H7ClN2OMolecular Weight: 158.59
    Synonyms: 2,5-Dimethyl-2H-pyrazole-3-carbonyl chloride
    1H-pyrazole-5-carbonyl chloride, 1,3-dimethyl-
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    2 - Chloro - 3 - (trifluoromethyl)benzoyl chloride,CAS No. 850156-39-7.
    CAS No.: 850156-39-7 Formula: C8H3Cl2F3OMolecular Weight: 243.01
    Synonyms: 2-Chloro-3-trifluoromethyl-benzoyl chloride
    2-chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)benzoyl chloride
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    3-Chloropivaloyl chloride,CAS No. 4300-97-4.
    CAS No.: 4300-97-4 Formula: C5H8Cl2OMolecular Weight: 155.02
    Synonyms: 3-Chloro-2,2-dimethylpropionyl chloride
    3-Chloro-2,2-dimethylpropanoyl chloride
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    carbonochloridic acid benzyl ester,CAS No. 501-53-1.
    CAS No.: 501-53-1 Formula: C8H7ClO2Molecular Weight: 170.59
    Synonyms: carbonochloridic acid benzyl ester
    Benzyl Chloroformate
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    2-Bromobenzoyl chloride,CAS No. 7154-66-7.
    2-Bromobenzoyl chloride Cat No.: EBD2075
    CAS No.: 7154-66-7 Formula: C7H4BrClOMolecular Weight: 219.46
    Synonyms: 2-Bromobenzoyl chloride
    4-Chloro-3-Nitrobenzyl Chloride
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    2-Fluoro-6-(trifluoromethyl)benzoylchloride,CAS No. 109227-12-5.
    CAS No.: 109227-12-5 Formula: C8H3ClF4OMolecular Weight: 226.56
    Synonyms: 2-fluoro-6-(trifluoromethyl)benzoyl chloride
    alpha,alpha,alpha,6-Tetrafluoro-o-toluoyl chloride
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    4-Chlorobutyryl chloride,CAS No. 4635-59-0.
    CAS No.: 4635-59-0 Formula: C4H6Cl2OMolecular Weight: 141.0
    Synonyms: 4-CBC
    4-Chlorobutanoic acid chloride
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    2-Iodobenzoyl chloride,CAS No. 609-67-6.
    2-Iodobenzoyl chloride Cat No.: EBD2450
    CAS No.: 609-67-6 Formula: C7H4ClIOMolecular Weight: 266.46
    Synonyms: 2-Iodobenzoyl chloride
    2-iodobenzoyl chloride
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    3-nitro-4-methylamino-benzoylchloride,CAS No. 82357-48-0.
    CAS No.: 82357-48-0 Formula: C8H7ClN2O3Molecular Weight: 214.61
    Synonyms: 3-nitro-4-methylamino-benzoylchloride
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    3-Methoxybenzoyl chloride,CAS No. 1711-05-3.
    CAS No.: 1711-05-3 Formula: C8H7ClO2Molecular Weight: 170.59
    Synonyms: m-Anisoyl chloride
    3-Methoxybenzoyl chloride
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    phenoxyacetic acid chloride,CAS No. 701-99-5.
    CAS No.: 701-99-5 Formula: C8H7ClO2Molecular Weight: 170.59
    Synonyms: Phenoxyacetyl chloride
    LABOTEST-BB LT00643586
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    1-Benzyloxycarbonylpiperidine-3-carbonyl chloride,CAS No. 216502-94-2.
    CAS No.: 216502-94-2 Formula: C14H16ClNO3Molecular Weight: 281.73
    Synonyms: 1-Benzyloxycarbonylpiperidine-3-carbonyl chloride
    1-piperidinecarboxylicacid, 3-(chlorocarbonyl)-, phenylmethyl ester
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