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    Clotrimazole,CAS No. 23593-75-1.
    Clotrimazole Cat No.: EBD3237
    CAS No.: 23593-75-1 Formula: C22H17ClN2Molecular Weight: 344.84
    Synonyms: clotrimazole crystalline
    Clotrimazole ZnSO4 complex
    ketoconazole,CAS No. 65277-42-1.
    ketoconazole Cat No.: EBD25176
    CAS No.: 65277-42-1 Formula: C26H28Cl2N4O4Molecular Weight: 531.43
    Synonyms: cis-1-acetyl-4-(4-((2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1h-imidazol-1-ylmethyl)-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)methoxy)phenyl)piperazine
    lactoflavine,CAS No. 83-88-5.
    lactoflavine Cat No.: EBD952620
    CAS No.: 83-88-5 Formula: C17H20N4O6Molecular Weight: 376.36
    Synonyms: vitamin B2
    Potassium iodide,CAS No. 7681-11-0.
    Potassium iodide Cat No.: EBD1626048
    CAS No.: 7681-11-0 Formula: IKMolecular Weight: 166.0
    Synonyms: Potassium iodide solution
    Potassium iodide
    Vitamin A,CAS No. 68-26-8.
    Vitamin A Cat No.: EBD2126767
    CAS No.: 68-26-8 Formula: C20H30OMolecular Weight: 286.45
    Synonyms: 2,4,6,8-nonatetraen-1-ol, 3,7-dimethyl-9-(2,6,6-trimethyl-1-cyclohexen-1-yl)-, (all-E)-
    Hydrocortisone,CAS No. 50-23-7.
    Hydrocortisone Cat No.: EBD2157864
    CAS No.: 50-23-7 Formula: C21H30O5Molecular Weight: 362.46
    Synonyms: Hydrocortisone, Chromatographic Standard
    Tetracaine,CAS No. 94-24-6.
    Tetracaine Cat No.: EBD2197476
    CAS No.: 94-24-6 Formula: C15H24N2O2Molecular Weight: 264.36
    Synonyms: 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl 4-(butylamino)benzoate
    2-(dimethylamino)ethyl p-(butylamino)benzoate
    Naproxen,CAS No. 22204-53-1.
    Naproxen Cat No.: EBD2198204
    CAS No.: 22204-53-1 Formula: C14H14O3Molecular Weight: 230.26
    Synonyms: Naproxen
    Folicacidhydrate,CAS No. 59-30-3.
    Folicacidhydrate Cat No.: EBD2199147
    CAS No.: 59-30-3 Formula: C19H19N7O6Molecular Weight: 441.4
    Synonyms: Folicacidhydrate
    Folic acid
    (2R,3R,4S,5R)-2-(6-Amino-9H-purin-9-yl)-5-(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran-3,4-diol,CAS No. 58-61-7.
    CAS No.: 58-61-7 Formula: C10H13N5O4Molecular Weight: 267.24
    Synonyms: Adenosine
    adenosine free base