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    acetyl iodide,CAS No. 507-02-8.
    acetyl iodide Cat No.: EBD72568
    CAS No.: 507-02-8 Formula: C2H3IOMolecular Weight: 169.95
    Synonyms: acetyl iodide
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    benzoyl iodide,CAS No. 618-38-2.
    benzoyl iodide Cat No.: EBD119659
    CAS No.: 618-38-2 Formula: C7H5IOMolecular Weight: 232.02
    Synonyms: Benzoyl iodide
    benzoyl iodide
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    heptafluoro-butyryl iodide,CAS No. 375-18-8.
    heptafluoro-butyryl iodide Cat No.: EBD392725
    CAS No.: 375-18-8 Formula: C4F7IOMolecular Weight: 323.94
    Synonyms: heptafluoro-butyryl iodide
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    but-2-enoyl iodide,CAS No. 79929-44-5.
    but-2-enoyl iodide Cat No.: EBD529628
    CAS No.: 79929-44-5 Formula: C4H5IOMolecular Weight: 195.99
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    Me2CHCOI,CAS No. 65269-91-2.
    Me2CHCOI Cat No.: EBD596224
    CAS No.: 65269-91-2 Formula: C4H7IOMolecular Weight: 198.0
    Synonyms: Me2CHCOI
    isobutyryl iodide
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    tert-BuCOI,CAS No. 61915-52-4.
    tert-BuCOI Cat No.: EBD606056
    CAS No.: 61915-52-4 Formula: C5H9IOMolecular Weight: 212.03
    Synonyms: tert-BuCOI
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    Phenyl carbonoiodidate,CAS No. 88842-51-7.
    Phenyl carbonoiodidate Cat No.: EBD990843
    CAS No.: 88842-51-7 Formula: C7H5IO2Molecular Weight: 248.02
    Synonyms: Phenyl carbonoiodidate
    Phenyl iodoformate
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    Hexandioyl diiodide,CAS No. 80317-73-3.
    Hexandioyl diiodide Cat No.: EBD1030802
    CAS No.: 80317-73-3 Formula: C6H8I2O2Molecular Weight: 365.94
    Synonyms: Hexandioyl diiodide
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    butyryl iodide,CAS No. 78209-72-0.
    butyryl iodide Cat No.: EBD1141804
    CAS No.: 78209-72-0 Formula: C4H7IOMolecular Weight: 198.0
    Synonyms: butyryl iodide
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    9-Fluorenylmethyl iodoformate,CAS No. 88842-53-9.
    CAS No.: 88842-53-9 Formula: C15H11IO2Molecular Weight: 350.16
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    methyl iodoglyoxalate,CAS No. 88812-48-0.
    methyl iodoglyoxalate Cat No.: EBD3362024
    CAS No.: 88812-48-0 Formula: C3H3IO3Molecular Weight: 213.96
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    2,2-Dimethylpropyl iodoformate,CAS No. 88842-52-8.
    CAS No.: 88842-52-8 Formula: C6H11IO2Molecular Weight: 242.06
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    vinyl iodoformate,CAS No. 88842-50-6.
    vinyl iodoformate Cat No.: EBD3364062
    CAS No.: 88842-50-6 Formula: C3H3IO2Molecular Weight: 197.96
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    3.4-Dichlor-benzoyliodid,CAS No. 16156-46-0.
    3.4-Dichlor-benzoyliodid Cat No.: EBD3378440
    CAS No.: 16156-46-0 Formula: C7H3Cl2IOMolecular Weight: 300.91
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    Perfluoropropionyliodid,CAS No. 137741-03-8.
    Perfluoropropionyliodid Cat No.: EBD3385401
    CAS No.: 137741-03-8 Formula: C3F5IOMolecular Weight: 273.93
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    carbonyl iodide fluoride,CAS No. 1495-48-3.
    carbonyl iodide fluoride Cat No.: EBD3442723
    CAS No.: 1495-48-3 Formula: CFIOMolecular Weight: 173.91
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    carbonyl iodide,CAS No. 13353-01-0.
    carbonyl iodide Cat No.: EBD3451698
    CAS No.: 13353-01-0 Formula: CI2OMolecular Weight: 281.82
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    trifluoroacetyl iodide,CAS No. 354-36-9.
    trifluoroacetyl iodide Cat No.: EBD3484870
    CAS No.: 354-36-9 Formula: C2F3IOMolecular Weight: 223.92
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    formyl iodide,CAS No. 50398-22-6.
    formyl iodide Cat No.: EBD3515545
    CAS No.: 50398-22-6 Formula: CHIOMolecular Weight: 155.92
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    Cyclopropanecarbonyliodide,CAS No. 79929-34-3.
    Cyclopropanecarbonyliodide Cat No.: EBD3704339
    CAS No.: 79929-34-3 Formula: C4H5IOMolecular Weight: 195.99
    Synonyms: Cyclopropanecarbonyl iodide (9CI)
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    Cyclobutanecarbonyliodide,CAS No. 79929-35-4.
    Cyclobutanecarbonyliodide Cat No.: EBD3704360
    CAS No.: 79929-35-4 Formula: C5H7IOMolecular Weight: 210.01
    Synonyms: Cyclobutanecarbonyl iodide (9CI)
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    propanoyl iodide,CAS No. 598-40-3.
    propanoyl iodide Cat No.: EBD3932049
    CAS No.: 598-40-3 Formula: C3H5IOMolecular Weight: 183.98
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    cyclohexanecarbonyl iodide,CAS No. 79929-36-5.
    cyclohexanecarbonyl iodide Cat No.: EBD3956377
    CAS No.: 79929-36-5 Formula: C7H11IOMolecular Weight: 238.07
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