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    Efficient project evaluation

    Chemical.AI®, a proprietary artificial intelligence technology developed by iChemical, evaluates your custom synthesis projects based on over 10 million historical research and transaction data. It enables us to suggest affordable, efficient novel routes, even for chemical structures that do not exist in past literatures. All these evaluations are performed within minutes so that your research project can take off as soon as possible.

    Trusted project management

    You will be supported by a deep bench of PhD-level scientists with years of experience in CROs and Pharma R&D. Different specialists will also be assigned to your specific custom synthesis project based on their expertise to ensure smoothest communication and project progression.

    Sophisticated client support and 24/7 online reports

    Not only will you receive high-quality services from our team of account managers and logistics experts, but also gain access to 24/7 online project reports through the private iChemical portal. Whenever you have questions about the progress of your project, iChemical is here to help.


    All your projects with iChemical are protected by confidentiality agreements signed off by both parties. To learn more or to discuss any specific confidentiality requirements, talk to our representatives now.

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