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    Tungstate(3-), tetracosa--oxododecaoxo[ 12-[phosphato(3-)-O:O:O:O\':O\':O\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\' ]]dodeca-, trihydrogen,CAS No. 1343-93-7.
    CAS No.: 1343-93-7 Formula: O40PW12Molecular Weight: 2877.03
    Synonyms: Tungstate(3-), tetracosa--oxododecaoxo[ 12-[phosphato(3-)-O:O:O:O\':O\':O\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\' ]]dodeca-, trihydrogen
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    Bis(cyclopentadienyl)tungsten dichloride,CAS No. 12184-26-8.
    CAS No.: 12184-26-8 Formula: C10H2Cl2WMolecular Weight: 376.87
    Synonyms: Bis(cyclopentadienyl)molybdenum(IV) dichloride
    Bis(cyclopentadienyl)molybdenium(IV) dichloride
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    Tungsten hexacarbonyl,CAS No. 14040-11-0.
    Tungsten hexacarbonyl Cat No.: EBD3968
    CAS No.: 14040-11-0 Formula: C6O6WMolecular Weight: 351.9
    Synonyms: hexacarbonyltungsten
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    Tungstic acid,CAS No. 7783-03-1.
    Tungstic acid Cat No.: EBD7881
    CAS No.: 7783-03-1 Formula: H2O4WMolecular Weight: 249.85
    Synonyms: Tungstic(VI) acid
    Wolframic acid
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    hexachlorotungsten,CAS No. 13283-01-7.
    hexachlorotungsten Cat No.: EBD10578
    CAS No.: 13283-01-7 Formula: Cl6WMolecular Weight: 396.56
    Synonyms: (oc-6-11)-tungstenchlorid
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    Bis(butylcyclopentadienyl)tungsten,CAS No. 90023-17-9.
    CAS No.: 90023-17-9 Formula: C18H18WMolecular Weight: 418.18
    Synonyms: 2-Ethylbenzeneboronic acid
    bis(butylcyclopentadienyl)tungsten dibro
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    Tungsten trioxide,CAS No. 1314-35-8.
    Tungsten trioxide Cat No.: EBD13534
    CAS No.: 1314-35-8 Formula: O3WMolecular Weight: 231.84
    Synonyms: C.I. 77901
    Tungsten trioxide
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    Zirconium tungstate,CAS No. 16853-74-0.
    Zirconium tungstate Cat No.: EBD13947
    CAS No.: 16853-74-0 Formula: O5WZrMolecular Weight: 355.06
    Synonyms: Zirconium ditungstenoctaoxide
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    F6W, othorhombic,CAS No. 7783-82-6.
    F6W, othorhombic Cat No.: EBD14605
    CAS No.: 7783-82-6 Formula: F6WMolecular Weight: 297.84
    Synonyms: Tungsten hexafluoride
    Tungsten fluoride
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    Bis(ethylcyclopentadienyl)tungsten(IV) dihydride,CAS No. 308847-90-7.
    CAS No.: 308847-90-7 Formula: C14H20WMolecular Weight: 372.15
    Synonyms: 5-(Bromomethyl)pyridine-2-carbonitrile
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    Phosphotungstic acid hydrate,CAS No. 12501-23-4.
    CAS No.: 12501-23-4 Formula: H5O41PW12Molecular Weight: 2898.07
    Synonyms: Tungstophosphoric acid hydrate
    Dodecatungstophosphoric acid hydrate
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    Na2WO4·2H2O,CAS No. 10213-10-2.
    Na2WO4·2H2O Cat No.: EBD33518
    CAS No.: 10213-10-2 Formula: H4Na2O6WMolecular Weight: 329.85
    Synonyms: Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate
    Sodium dioxido(dioxo)tungsten hydrate (2:1:2)
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    Ammonium paratungstate,CAS No. 11120-25-5.
    Ammonium paratungstate Cat No.: EBD37987
    CAS No.: 11120-25-5 Formula: H8N2O4WMolecular Weight: 283.91
    Synonyms: tungsten standard solution
    tungsten standard
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    Phosphotungstic acid,CAS No. 12067-99-1.
    Phosphotungstic acid Cat No.: EBD38265
    CAS No.: 12067-99-1 Formula: H3O40PW12Molecular Weight: 2880.05
    Synonyms: Phosphotungstic acid
    Dodeca-Tungstophosphoric acid
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    Calcium tungstate,CAS No. 7790-75-2.
    Calcium tungstate Cat No.: EBD50403
    CAS No.: 7790-75-2 Formula: CaO4WMolecular Weight: 287.92
    Synonyms: Calcium wolframate
    Calcium tetraoxotungstate
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    methanidylidynetungsten,CAS No. 12070-12-1.
    methanidylidynetungsten Cat No.: EBD55465
    CAS No.: 12070-12-1 Formula: CW-Molecular Weight: 195.85
    Synonyms: Tungsten carbide
    HSDB 2932
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    disodium dioxido(dioxo)tungsten,CAS No. 44142-66-7.
    CAS No.: 44142-66-7 Formula: Na2O4WMolecular Weight: 293.82
    Synonyms: disodium dioxido(dioxo)tungsten
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    W(CO)3(η6-C6H5COOCH3),CAS No. 76933-87-4.
    W(CO)3(η6-C6H5COOCH3) Cat No.: EBD62920
    CAS No.: 76933-87-4 Formula: C11H8O5WMolecular Weight: 404.03
    Synonyms: W(CO)3(η6-C6H5COOCH3)
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    tungsten stiborate,CAS No. 69600-03-9.
    tungsten stiborate Cat No.: EBD80997
    CAS No.: 69600-03-9 Formula: O4SbW-3Molecular Weight: 369.6
    Synonyms: tungsten stiborate
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    1-azanidylpropan-2-ylazanide; dioxido(dioxo)tungsten; iron(2+),CAS No. 80660-42-0.
    CAS No.: 80660-42-0 Formula: C9H24FeN6O4W-6Molecular Weight: 520.01
    Synonyms: ferrous
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    boranylidynetungsten,CAS No. 12007-09-9.
    boranylidynetungsten Cat No.: EBD93855
    CAS No.: 12007-09-9 Formula: BWMolecular Weight: 194.65
    Synonyms: Tungsten boride
    Tungsten boride (WB)
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    dioxotungsten,CAS No. 12036-22-5.
    dioxotungsten Cat No.: EBD93889
    CAS No.: 12036-22-5 Formula: O2WMolecular Weight: 215.84
    Synonyms: Tungsten(IV) oxide
    Tungsten oxide (WO2)
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    phosphanylidynetungsten,CAS No. 12037-70-6.
    phosphanylidynetungsten Cat No.: EBD93896
    CAS No.: 12037-70-6 Formula: PWMolecular Weight: 214.81
    Synonyms: phosphanylidynetungsten
    tungsten phosphide
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    azanylidynetungsten,CAS No. 12058-38-7.
    azanylidynetungsten Cat No.: EBD93915
    CAS No.: 12058-38-7 Formula: NWMolecular Weight: 197.85
    Synonyms: nitridotungsten
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    bis(selanylidene)tungsten,CAS No. 12067-46-8.
    bis(selanylidene)tungsten Cat No.: EBD93923
    CAS No.: 12067-46-8 Formula: Se2WMolecular Weight: 341.76
    Synonyms: tungsten diselenide
    tungsten (iv) selenide
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