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    Bromotrifluoromethane,CAS No. 75-63-8.
    Bromotrifluoromethane Cat No.: EBD141
    CAS No.: 75-63-8 Formula: CBrF3Molecular Weight: 148.91
    Synonyms: R13B1
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    Iodine pentoxide,CAS No. 12029-98-0.
    Iodine pentoxide Cat No.: EBD262
    CAS No.: 12029-98-0 Formula: I2O5Molecular Weight: 333.81
    Synonyms: iodineoxide(i2o5)
    iodine(v) oxide
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    Ammonium-nitrido-octachlorodiaquodiruthenate(IV),CAS No. 27316-90-1.
    CAS No.: 27316-90-1 Formula: Cl8H16N4O2Ru2Molecular Weight: 589.92
    Synonyms: Triammonium diaquaoctachloro-mu-nitridodiruthenate(3-)
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    Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate,CAS No. 10213-79-3.
    CAS No.: 10213-79-3 Formula: H12Na2O8SiMolecular Weight: 214.15
    Synonyms: sodium metasilicate pentahydrate
    Sodium meta silicate Pentahydrate
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    Tungstate(3-), tetracosa--oxododecaoxo[ 12-[phosphato(3-)-O:O:O:O\':O\':O\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\' ]]dodeca-, trihydrogen,CAS No. 1343-93-7.
    CAS No.: 1343-93-7 Formula: O40PW12Molecular Weight: 2877.03
    Synonyms: Tungstate(3-), tetracosa--oxododecaoxo[ 12-[phosphato(3-)-O:O:O:O\':O\':O\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\':O\'\'\' ]]dodeca-, trihydrogen
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    Zirconium oxide sulfate,CAS No. 62010-10-0.
    CAS No.: 62010-10-0 Formula: O5SZrMolecular Weight: 203.29
    Synonyms: 3-Oxopiperidine-1-carboxylic acid benzyl ester
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    Hydrazinium bromide,CAS No. 13775-80-9.
    Hydrazinium bromide Cat No.: EBD746
    CAS No.: 13775-80-9 Formula: BrH5N2Molecular Weight: 112.96
    Synonyms: Hydrazine monohydrobromide
    hydrazinium bromide
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    Potassium periodate,CAS No. 7790-21-8.
    Potassium periodate Cat No.: EBD797
    CAS No.: 7790-21-8 Formula: IKO4Molecular Weight: 230.0
    Synonyms: Potassium metaperiodate
    Potassium tetroxoiodate(vii)
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    Tetradecaamminedi-mu-oxotriruthenium(6+) hexachloride,CAS No. 25125-46-6.
    CAS No.: 25125-46-6 Formula: Cl6N14O2Ru3Molecular Weight: 744.02
    Synonyms: Clobetasone-17-butyrate
    21-Chloro-9-fluoro-17-hydroxy-16b-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,11,20-trione 17-butyrate
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    Molybdate(MoO42-),barium(1:1),(T-4)-,CAS No. 7787-37-3.
    CAS No.: 7787-37-3 Formula: BaMoO4Molecular Weight: 297.26
    Synonyms: Barium tetraoxomolybdate
    Barium molybdate
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    Diiododifluoromethane,CAS No. 1184-76-5.
    Diiododifluoromethane Cat No.: EBD997
    CAS No.: 1184-76-5 Formula: CF2I2Molecular Weight: 303.82
    Synonyms: Difluoro(diiodo)methane
    methane, difluorodiiodo-
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    Ferrous sulfate,CAS No. 7720-78-7.
    Ferrous sulfate Cat No.: EBD1008
    CAS No.: 7720-78-7 Formula: FeO4SMolecular Weight: 151.91
    Synonyms: Iron(II) sulfate
    Ferrous sulfate
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    Iron(II) tetrafluoroborate,CAS No. 15283-51-9.
    CAS No.: 15283-51-9 Formula: B2F8FeMolecular Weight: 229.45
    Synonyms: Iron (II) tetrafluoroborate
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    Zinc iodate,CAS No. 7790-37-6.
    Zinc iodate Cat No.: EBD1195
    CAS No.: 7790-37-6 Formula: IO3ZnMolecular Weight: 240.28
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    Silver sulfate,CAS No. 10294-26-5.
    Silver sulfate Cat No.: EBD1305
    CAS No.: 10294-26-5 Formula: Ag2O4SMolecular Weight: 311.8
    Synonyms: disilver(1+) sulfate
    sulphuric acid, silver salt
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    Ferrous sulfate tetrahydrate,CAS No. 20908-72-9.
    CAS No.: 20908-72-9 Formula: FeH8O8SMolecular Weight: 223.97
    Synonyms: Sulfuric acid, iron(2+) salt (1:1), tetrahydrate
    iron(2+) sulfate hydrate (1:1:4)
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    Chloromethanesulfonyl chloride,CAS No. 3518-65-8.
    CAS No.: 3518-65-8 Formula: CH2Cl2O2SMolecular Weight: 149.0
    Synonyms: Chloromethylsulfonyl chloride
    Chloromesyl chloride
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    Ferric oxide,CAS No. 1309-37-1.
    Ferric oxide Cat No.: EBD1462
    CAS No.: 1309-37-1 Formula: Fe2O3Molecular Weight: 159.69
    Synonyms: Iron(III) oxide
    C.I. Pigment Red 101
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    Tin(II) fluoride,CAS No. 7783-47-3.
    Tin(II) fluoride Cat No.: EBD1490
    CAS No.: 7783-47-3 Formula: F2H2SnMolecular Weight: 158.71
    Synonyms: Tin(II)Fluoride
    Tin ii fluoride
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    Calcium iodate,CAS No. 7789-80-2.
    Calcium iodate Cat No.: EBD1516
    CAS No.: 7789-80-2 Formula: CaHIO3Molecular Weight: 215.99
    Synonyms: Calcium iodate
    Calcium Iodate
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    CAS No.: 18497-13-7 Formula: Cl6H14O6PtMolecular Weight: 517.89
    Synonyms: chloroplatinic acid hexahydrate
    Platinate(2-), hexachloro-, dihydrogen, hexahydrate
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    Aluminum phosphide,CAS No. 20859-73-8.
    Aluminum phosphide Cat No.: EBD1573
    CAS No.: 20859-73-8 Formula: AlH4PMolecular Weight: 61.99
    Synonyms: Aluminium phosphide
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    Potassium methoxide,CAS No. 865-33-8.
    Potassium methoxide Cat No.: EBD1679
    CAS No.: 865-33-8 Formula: CH3KOMolecular Weight: 70.13
    Synonyms: Methanol,potassium salt
    Potassium methylate
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    Pigment Yellow 42,CAS No. 51274-00-1.
    Pigment Yellow 42 Cat No.: EBD1915
    CAS No.: 51274-00-1 Formula: Fe2O3Molecular Weight: 159.69
    Synonyms: C.I. 77492
    Iron (III) oxide monohydrate yellow
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    Tetrasodium pyrophosphate,CAS No. 7722-88-5.
    CAS No.: 7722-88-5 Formula: Na4O7P2Molecular Weight: 265.9
    Synonyms: Diphosphoric acid tetrasodium salt
    Pyrophosphoric acid tetrasodium salt
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