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    Pigment Green 36,CAS No. 14302-13-7.

    Pigment Green 36 CAS No.14302-13-7 / Cat No.EBD21654

    Formula: C32Br6Cl10CuN8
    Molecular Weight:1393.9

    C.I. 74265

    Pigment Green 38

    Pigment Green 41

    Chromofine Green 5370

    Chromofine Green 6410PK

    Fastogen Green 2YK

    Fastogen Green 2YK-CF

    Fastogen Green MY

    Fastogen Green Y

    GT 2

    Helio Fast Green GT

    Heliogen Green 6G

    Heliogen Green 6GA

    Heliogen Green 8GA

    Heliogen Green 9360

    Heliogen Green D 9360

    Heliogen Green K 9360

    Heliogen Green L 9140

    Heliogen Green L 9361

    Hostaperm Green 8G

    Irgalite Green 6G

    Lionol Green 2Y301

    Lionol Green 2YS

    Lionol Green 6Y501

    Lionol Green 6YK

    Lionol Green 6YKP

    Lionol Green 6YKP-N

    MHI Violet 7040M

    Monastral Fast Green 3Y

    Monastral Fast Green 3YA

    Monastral Fast Green 6Y

    Monastral Fast Green 6YA

    Monastral Green 6Y

    Monastral Green 6Y-C

    Monastral Green 6Y-CL

    Monastral Green Y-GT 805D

    Phthalocyanine Green 6G

    Sandorin Green 8GLS

    Sanyo Phthalocyanine Green 6YS

    Sunfast Emerald

    Sunfast Green 36-464-0036

    Vynamon Green 6Y

    Vynamon Green 6Y-FW

    Pigment Green 36


    C.I. Pi

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