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    As the first integrated chemical supply solution provider in the industry, iChemical.com offers smart solutions to all purchasers and end-users of chemical supply as well as quality manufacturers needing product exposures. This platform breaks through the ripple effect of international supply chain and connects all quality suppliers and true buyers in real-time.

    With years of local presence in China and India, iChemical.com has inherited twenty thousand suppliers around the world, who exchange ten thousand different chemicals on a monthly basis. Now this abundance and direct source for chemical supply is ready for global users.


    Users can enjoy seamless purchasing experiences provided by iChemical’s proprietary data processing system.


    Rare and bulk orders are supported by iChemical’s years of strength in custom synthesis and project management.


    Users who value a personal touch on shopping experiences can take advantage of our customer representative teams, serving 24/7 and one-on-one.